The ApolloSoyuz Story

Photo on the left side is Girdhar Jalani laying the foundation for the company and right side is company after its construction.

In 1975, Late Shri Ramratan Jalani, on his return from USA, after completing his MS in Engineering, created APOLLO Electronics. Girdhar Ramratan Jalani later joined the business created the second company, SOYUZ Electricals in 1981. Customers came to prefer APOLLO and SOYUZ as most trusted brands for all their needs in LV Transformers and Reactors.

In 1997, The two companies merged to create Apollo Soyuz Electricals Private Limited under Girdhar Ramratan Jalani, the incumbent Chairman and Managing Director. Nikhil Girdhar Jalani, the third generation in the business, has been appointed on the board of directors, being a qualified Electrical Engineer with experience in overseas multinational operations. After completing MBA in Business from S.P.Jain, Mumbai, Nikhil has taken over operations of the company since 2008. Saloni Girdhar Jalani, a business Graduate, is pursuing her MBA and also getting inducted in Family Business.

The company is professionally run by highly qualified and experienced managers. The company also has on the board, the wealth of experience of five independent directors who are senior and eminent specialists in Engineering, Finance, and Management.

ApolloSoyuz Transformers and Reactors are produced at a modern manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai, India. The manufacturing and testing facilities include modern torque controlled winding machines, lamination assembly fixtures, state of the art welding facilities, a cold press foil welding facility, foil winding machines, a VPI plant with chilling systems for special resins, and sophisticated test setups for all loads. Partial Discharge and Impulse Voltage Test facilities are available in house for routine and type testing of special products.

ApolloSoyuz earlier had a technical collaboration with mdexx Magnetronic Devices GmbH & Co. KG., in Germany for making Iron Core Reactors, Air Core Reactors and Stray Field Transformers for use by Indian Railways, (2006 -2011).

ApolloSoyuz has currently one of the best production setups in India for LV Transformers & Reactors.

WE are continuously innovating in our R&D department to come out with more efficient products.

ApolloSoyuz Milestones


 Apollo Electronics Formed


 Soyuz Electricals Formed


 Firsttime participation in Elecrama Exhibition (World’s Largest Electrical Exhibition) which we have been  doing every two years now


 Apollo Electronics and Soyuz Electricals amalgamated to form Apollo Soyuz Electricals Pvt Ltd. Established  and shifted to our present location in Mahape, Navi Mumbai


 Apollo Soyuz became a 9001 ISO Certified Company


 Control Panel Division started


 Transformers & Reactors developed for UPS industry


 VPI Plant Installed in the Company


 First Ultra Isolation Transformers manufactured for Nuclear Power Plants


 Technical Collaboration between Apollo Soyuz and mdexx Magnetronics


 Transformers & Reactors developed for Railways industry


 Test Lab for Partial Discharge and Impulse Voltage test commissioned


 10 Nos. of 500KVA Isolation Transformers manufactured


 Transformers & Reactors developed for Windmills industry


 Transformers & Reactors developed for Marine industry


 Electronics Division established and Battery Chargers & DCDC Converters launched


 K Rated Transformer developed.


 Foil Winding (Copper and Aluminium) transformers and reactors developed


 Products got approved by RDSO through our customers


 Entire range of PFC reactors developed from 5 KVAR - 100 KVAR


 Our Products are approved by CE mark


 CPRI approved our various products for Shock &Vibration test


 Our Class H insulation system is listed with UL and our products approved by UL


 Subsidiary unit set up in Bangalore uder the name of Avatar Innovatives Pvt. Ltd.