Core Management

Neha Desai

Neha Desai, General Manager in charge of Business Development. She is a qualified engineer who has risen through the ranks in the company. The company always recognizes her contribution as MR to the QMS & ISO certification & implementation within the company. She is an excellent team player and leads gently from within. She is quick and generous in praising and encouraging performers.

Muthuvelan M.

Muthuvelan M., General Manager in Product Development heads our Design team. A Power Electronic Professional from Mumbai University having more than 25 years of experience in Design & Development of Transformers and Reactors and Engineering of Power Electronics equipment such as UPS Systems, Battery Chargers, Static Invertors, Static AC Voltage Regulators, SMPS etc using Thyristors, Power Transistors, Mosfet and IGBTs with state of art switching technologies. He is the brain behind developing the Electronics Division at Apollo Soyuz.