Immediate Future Plan

Dry Type ( CRT & VPI)

ApolloSoyuz has recently entered into the Medium Voltage range of Transformers and the products will be commencing very shortly.


We are in the process to setup manufacturing facility upto 1000 MVA for Cast Resin Dry Type for Power distribution & devices.

Application Area: Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls, Hospitals, Airports, Basement Substations, Wind Mills, Drives, Flammable Environment…


Advantages over oil cooled transformers are :

Flame Proof hence suitable for hazardous environment & can be installed close to load point to save the installation cost.

Compact Design as Oil tank is not required hence saves valuable space.

High Reliability

Roubust Construction & very high Mechanical Strength.

Superior Short Circuit withstand capacity

ZERO Maintenance

50% Continuous Overload Capacity with usage of suitable cooling fans.

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