Immediate Future Plan

Oil - Cooled Medium Voltage Transformers

ApolloSoyuz has recently entered into the Medium Voltage range of Transformers and the products will be commencing very shortly.

ApolloSoyuz ONAN (Oil Natural Air Natural) transformers are built to conform to IS:11171, IEC60076, BS 7806 and ANSIC57-12 Standards suitable for open outdoor duty conditions up to 5MVA, 33kV Class.

The core is built of Prime Grade Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO) with low specific losses, insulated on both sides by a thin Inorganic coating (Carlite), mitred, uniformly pressed and stiffened robustly to minimize noise levels.

Windings are Electrolytic Copper and Aluminum Conductor (round or flat strip) as required. The HV and LV coils are insulated with A Class insulation.

As a standard all transformers are provided with skid under base or truck with roller wheels; earthing terminal, lifting lugs, breather, tap changing arrangement, oil level indicator, oil filtration valve.

• As optional accessories and fittings we also offer winding temp indicator, Buchholz relay, Marshalling box, LV cable box or bus duct outlet, magnetic oil level gauge, on-load tap changers.

All our transformers are routine tested according to standard IS: 2026, IEC 60076

The following type test can be conducted on request and Test 1 &2 will be conducted by third party inspection like ERDA/CPRI:

1. Lightning Impulse Test

2. Short Circuit Test

3. Temperature rise Test

4. Pressure Test

5. Vacuum Test

6. Zero Phase Sequence Test

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